What Makes and Breaks a Good Relationship MND

Strong and aggressive personalities are great in some cases, such as great leaders, but in certain situations, they have the capability of pushing others away. When leaders have an aggressive personality they tend to force their ideals, opinions and values upon those close to them to make sure that the subordinates feel the same way as they do. In a relationship, however, having an aggressive personality creates the possibility of the relationship falling to ruin. In William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream we observe many unparalleled and diverse characters which demonstrate their ideals and opinions on what makes or breaks a good relationship. By analysing the relationship of Hermia and Lysander, along with the father-daughter relationship between Egeus and Hermia, we can infer that those in relationships must be willing to see eye to eye and make sacrifices for one another, as well, they should not force one’s opinions, values or ideals upon one another.


Lysander and Hermia’s relationship demonstrates the vitality of making sacrifices for one another to demonstrate one’s love and show how much they value each other, along with taking into consideration how one’s sacrifice will affect each other and themselves. Hermia is willing to “grow, so live, so die, my lord, ere [she] will yield [her] virgin patent up unto his lordship, whose unwished yoke [her] soul consent not give sovereignty” (1.1 75-85) for her relationship with Lysander to show everyone how much she is willing to give up, and how much she values their relationship. All she wants is to be able to marry the man she chose, so later after their discussion with the King, Lysander proposes the idea of going to see his aunt, “a dowager of great revenue, and she hath no child[…] and to that place the Sharp Athenian law cannot pursue us” (1.1 155-165). Lysander is willing to run away with Hermia to demonstrate how much he loves her and so they can get married; Hermia is also willing to leave her family and life behind and live on the run and this shows how much she loves Lysander. This proves that sacrifices and seeing eye to eye towards the big goal because Lysander and Hermia both sacrifice something towards their relationship and it is what holds them together throughout this entire play.


In contrast to Lysander and Hermia’s relationship, Egeus and Hermia’s relationship advises us that forcing one’s opinions, ideals or values upon one another will only push those we care for away from us. Hermia just wants her father, Egeus, to be compassionate and see what she sees in Lysander. When she says, “I would my father look’d but with my eyes” (1.1 55-60), she is saying that he needs to walk in her shoes, so she can prove to her father that Lysander is a good and worthy man to let her marry. Egeus, rather than listening and taking into consideration his daughter’s request, instead forces his opinions and values upon his daughter and takes this issue to the king, who enforces the law of Athens and says that Egeus is correct.  Egeus knew this from the beginning and in the end by forcing his ideals upon his daughter it is what brought this destruction to his relationship with his daughter Hermia. This shows that by forcing your ideals and values about anything upon someone will come across as aggressive and self-centred and this will push others away from you.


By examing the relationships in William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, of those who make and break a good relationship, we can infer that sacrifices for another person’s sake and seeing eye to eye helps our bonds and relationships with other grow, while forcing others to see and feel what you want them to see and feel pushes will only end in you pushing others further and further away from you. With this knowledge, we will be able to prevent many broken relationships as well as know how to sustain a good relationship. Working together, making sacrifices demonstrates your love and your value for one another, strengthening our bonds and relationships with those close to us.


In-Depth Blog Post #4


For my fourth meeting with my mentor, I was asking questions throughout the entire lesson but they were fishing questions rather than shooting questions. I personally think that if someone were to shoot questions they would only learn and receive the information related to there questions, but if you were to fish questions than your mentor would be able to teach you what he/she thinks is important as well as you could fish questions to clarify on certain areas of your skill.

Ask questions. Record them. Why did you ask these questions?

What does this mean?

For each one like this, like how many strums is that because there are no words underneath to tell you when to play it?

Would that be the same for like every song?

Is that an F?

So it changes per song?

So you wouldn’t be able to just look at a song and figure out the strumming?

Most of these questions I asked during my session were fishing questions because I wanted some clarification on certain areas as well I wanted my mentor to teach me what he thinks is important for me to learn. I reframed from multiple choice questions because I do not know much about the topic so if I were to ask a multiple choice question it would not really help me because multiple choice questions are really based upon the knowledge of the person who is asking it.

Ask for an explanation for a certain skill you are learning

Pastor Adam: Ya you can definitely do the two just like that, alright I like personally my two middle fingers like this I just find it easier, there’s no like rule

Jaedin: Does it make it easier for transitioning then?

Pastor Adam: I find it easier for transitioning to do the middle fingers for some reason

Ask the speaker to clarify his or her underlying values for doing, thinking and feeling the way they do.

Pastor Adam: So that’s kinda how you start, then you can start playing it and adding notes, like adding rhythm to it

Jaedin: So you just have to feel it?

Pastor Adam: You gotta feel it, man, I’m telling you what I’m teaching you is feeling it, it’s not about technicalities, it’s about feeling it inside of you; like I know you’re a good dancer

Jaedin: Mhh I’m decent

Pastor Adam: Decent but you got that in you, right it’s like a rhythm, you know

In-Depth Blog Post #3

My In-Depth project this year is perfect for me because it shows and demonstrates my love for music. I absolutely love the challenges that music brings me and the thrill of playing different instruments fills me with joy. I love the challenge of learning different music, new rhythms, new fingerings, playing in new key signatures, and even honing my tone and pitch. I love being able to play different instruments because it enhances my music capabilities and love for music.  

The most interesting thing I found from my second meeting with my mentor was his approach and how we began our lesson. As soon as I got there, we set up, prayed, and then began the lesson. The first thing we did was jump right into learning guitar playing skills. He asked me “what chords do you already know on the guitar?” so I replied by showing him the guitar chords I knew. He observed how I placed my fingers on the chords, since I had previously learnt how to put my fingers on the frets. As he finished, he told me to play along with him but to only play the chords written on the page.

I had found this very unusual because I expected to ease into playing the guitar and honing my skills slowly throughout our classes. However, I didn’t know my pastor had such high expectations for me. Even though I knew very minimal knowledge and had amateurish skill, he still just jumped right into teaching the C, G and D chord on the guitar. I had to stop my pastor’s instruction and ask him for clarification on his teaching methods, and his response was “I want you to learn the skills as fast as possible so that I can teach you the E chord, because you will be able to play an abundant amount of songs with those 4 chords”, so his response said to me, that you need to have the big picture in mind and that with these skills you will be able to play many wonderful things.

This is me by the end of practice playing “Jesus Loves Me” by Listener Kids on the guitar with my Pastor. 

Dear Theseus

Dear, My King and Lordship Theseus

It is I, Helena your faithful lady, I come to you with news that I am in love with Demetrius. He has slept with me in my bed and made me become one with his body, however he does not love me, and he loves the fair lady Hermia. I am writing you this letter, your honor to please let Hermia be with her love Lysander and let me be with my love Demetrius. All I ever want is to have Demetrius love me in return. Lysander is a man who has bewitched Hermia but at least he has not dumped you for someone else. Demetrius has one over my soul and yet he seeks out the bodies of other females. Please my lord, let Demetrius marry me so that I may not accuse him of cheating on me. Would you want to be able to say, that my dear, Hippolyta has cheated on me. I have begged Hermia to teach me how to sway the emotions of Demetrius’ heart so that he loves me, but Hermia does not know how to get rid of Demetrius because she gives him curses and yet he still loves her. I beg to you my lord, that you let Hermia have her happily ever after along with Demetrius and I. Demetrius has made me pregnant with his child and yet you would still have him marry another. I do not wish for my friend to be dead or unhappy so please my king, have Demetrius marry me instead. Egeus should be happy with whatever makes his daughter happy, I expect that you would not want your fair lady Hippolyta to marry another, so please my Lord, if you won’t do it for Hermia’s love or mine than please do it for the love you have towards Hippolyta.

In-Depth Blog Post #2

My first session with my mentor went quite well, we went over the correct way to position my hand on the neck of the guitar after first having a little discussion. The way my pastor holds the guitar’s neck was quite different from how I learnt how to hold it, through my research. I used my new skill of how to disagree and differ, by having a polite conversation with pastor Adam of how to hold the guitar because our opinions were different. After a little discussion we came to the consensus that the correct way to hold the guitar was the way I had learnt through my own research. So, in the end he accepted my opinion rather than his own. After that we went over the correct way to place your fingers on the frets of the guitar, he taught me that you must use your fingertips, and make sure your finger nails are always short otherwise it will affect the sound and quality. You must also place your finger next to the metal fret rather than on it or in the middle of two frets, to get the clearest and best sounding sound. I agreed with him immediately, because I didn’t know any better. That is all I had learnt from our first session because they are half an hour on every Friday.

ZIP #5



  1. What is your inquiry question? What initially drew you to this question? Did your question stay the same, or did it change overtime? Why?

My inquiry question this year for my ZIP project was what makes an effective screenplay?

What drew me towards this question was that I saw that it would be a way to make other people happy. Most people are always plugged into their phones, going onto social media or just playing games or spending hours on texting. Most people spend most of their days on technology and it is constantly becoming even harder to bring joy to other people. So I thought this year I should make a screenplay and next year make the screenplay into a movie. This way I will be able to bring other people joy. My question was originally what makes an effective movie script but over time I came across that the correct term was a screenplay.

  1. What skills have you expanded on / learned during the inquiry process? How are these skills applicable to your success as a student?

I have expanded on my presentation skills and networking skills, by writing this screenplay it made me have to focus on the presentation of how I will show my progress. Also one of the biggest reasons people write a screenplay is to receive money for writing it, so by me improving my presentation skills it will help me to sell my opinions and ideas when I present future projects to my class. By me improving my networking skills through this project it will help me to share my information to others through an enjoyable fashion that others will want to learn more.

  1. What did you learn about / what is your answer to this inquiry question? Remember to be specific and provide direct evidence from your research.

I learnt many things including what things should be included in a screenplay such as:

Things to include in a screenplay

  • A quality script contains many big events
  • Time to let tension build
  • Plenty of action
  • Avoid too much action at a time
  • Avoid using long, rambling monologues to often
  • Make sure all events flow
  • Conflict drives the plot
  • A quality script needs enough drama
  • Keeps audience engaged
  • Needs something to grab the reader’s attention
  • Needs to hold the reader’s attention
  • Need a central concept or question for your script to be based around
  • You should be able to imagine the character through your dialogue
  • Reader’s should feel emotion towards characters and events
  • Assure your dialogue does not sound stilted or very unreal
  • Try to stay away from your main character being to fictional because readers and audiences should be able to connect to character or event
  • Keep dialogue and story well paced

A quality and effective screenplay will have all of these things included within it and a flare that only each writer can add to his own screenplay. Each author will have their own spin to their screenplay which makes it appealing and a huge hit. If everyone had the same exact criteria over the years there will be a lot of repetition, so by following the main points and the authors own flare to the screenplay it will be an effective and successful screenplay.

There are also many different ways to launch a scene which will make certain scenes stand out and will provide more depth to the authors story, through the way it is presented such as:

Ways to launch Strong Scenes

Action Launches

  1. Get straight to the action
  2. Hook the reader with a big or surprising actions
  3. Be sure that the action is true to your character
  4. ACT FIRST, think later

Narrative Launches

  1. Save time by beginning with a summary
  2. Communicate necessary information to the reader before the action kicks in
  3. Reveal a character’s thoughts or intentions that cannot be shown through action

Setting Launches

  1. Engage with specific visual details
  2. Use scenery to set the tone of the scene
  3. Reflect a character’s feelings through setting


  1. In what ways does your final learning artefact demonstrate your learning / answer to your inquiry question? How does it connect to your chosen curricular competencies? Consider listing your competencies and including images, links, or excerpts from your work to demonstrate this.


  • Recognize an increasing range of texts structures and how they contribute to meaning


  • Recognize how language constructs personal, social and cultural identity
  • Think critically, creatively and reflectively to explore ideas within, between and beyond texts



By me writing a screenplay to show my work and how it demonstrates what I learnt throughout the project is a wonderful idea. By creating a screenplay at the end it is putting the knowledge I learnt throughout the project to the test. It answers my inquiry question What makes an effective screenplay? because it is putting those components and qualities of an effective screenplay in a screenplay which is the difficult thing to do.

  1. What resources did you find useful during your inquiry and why were they useful? (Cite at least four resources you consulted, with links, and write a brief 50-100 response as to was important to your learning).
  1. The Screenwriter’s Workbook by Syd Field (pg24-25): This helped me to start organizing my thoughts and how to start putting my thought on the page
  2. https://www.writersdigest.com/whats-new/10-ways-to-launch-strong-scenes: How to correctly launch a scene where it gives the most meaning
  3. https://penandthepad.com/qualities-good-script-12017342.html: How and what should be included in a screenplay to make it effective and successful
  4. https://www.wikihow.com/Write-Movie-Scripts: How to correctly format the screenplay


  1. What new questions do you have about your inquiry? What motivates you or excites you about these questions?

What makes effective 3D animation?

This excites me the most because this would be a wonderful project to do next year. I will be able to take the screenplay I wrote this year and put it to work next year, while learning how to edit video and make 3D animations using a specific software.

In-Depth Intro Blog Post

Hello my fellow Talons


You are all probably wondering what I am doing for my in-depth project this year so I am gonna tell you. This year I will be learning how to play the guitar.I will be attending lessons at Westwood Community Church while my Youth Pastor, Pastor Adam will be teaching to play basic chords, notes on the individual strings and basic strumming. I will commence my lessons at 5:30pm every Friday starting on February 1st.The reason why I wish to learn to play the .guitar is that it will help me improve my musicality, muscle memory and to help me work my fingers so it can help me with learning the piano.  I will also be expanding my reading of musical notes below the music staff.

Once I learn to play the guitar I will be able to jam with my friends in the youth band, because I currently know how to play the tenor saxophone and this instrument is not really meant to play in a church band. It is quite difficult to get the music and transpose it to fit the right key signature for me to play on my saxophone.

My goal is that when I will have learnt a new instrument and will now be able to play more songs because there is now more availability due to the fact that I have two options of a version to play. Such as if there is a song I wish to play but it isn’t for the tenor saxophone, and it is for the guitar I have now just increased my chances of being able to play certain songs. 

ZIP #4

Take a moment  to reflect on your inquiry plan (calendar). Do you need to make any revisions to your original plan? If so, why? If you haven’t made any changes to your plan, why do you feel you have been so successful in sticking to it?


I need to make some changes to my calendar due to the fact that it is taking me longer than anticipated. In my proposal I said that I would complete 3 pages of writing each class but I am averaging two pages and a little bit, so I need to adjust my goals to make sure that I still finish on time. I also did not anticipate that I would have to spend an entire weekend on a cadets FTX (Field. Training. Exercise.) so I will now have to spend even more time over the break working on my ZIP project. Otherwise my inquiry plan has been spot on, I started and finished my research the day I said I would, as well I started and finished my planning on the day I said I would. The only thing I am delaying on is that I will have to spend even more time outside of school to work on ZIP, as well I will not be able to make a poster to show the steps of y learning. My project must reflect my learning the most, as well as how I explain my learning orally.

ZIP # 3


Describe the ups and downs you have encountered to date in your inquiry. Specifically, when you were frustrated or struggling in your inquiry, what did you do to address the situation?


The biggest down of my assignment is not the assignment itself but the process of completing the assignment. Yesterday my laptop took a fall of the table in foods class, during clean up. I had all my things in my backpack including my laptop, my backpack was zipped up properly. I went to go put my chair away when I heard someone drop my backpack while they were picking up their own chair and carrying it to the stack of chairs. I put my chair on the stand and rushed to pick my backpack up. I then went to my English class and tried to open my laptop when it didn’t work. Nothing was being displayed on the screen. I now do not have a laptop to do my ZIP project on. An up of this assignment is that I am very excited to continue this ZIP project next year. This year I will be making the screenplay for a movie I am designing, and next5 year I will make the movie for all my classmates to enjoy. It will be a great year next year because the cast of my project is my friends from the Talons program. 

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